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By creating a “Hygiene Point” and Disinfection Station at both entrances of the hotel, we make sure that everyone disinfects their hands with alcohol-based sanitizers and their shoes stepping through a hygienic doormat.

We take our guest’s suitcases and suppliers packages in, only after disinfected with nano-silver ion disinfectant with a ULV fogger and ventilated 15 minutes before the “Hygiene Point”. 

All our guests and staff should wear masks and disposable gloves inside of the hotel. We provide disposable masks and gloves for the guests at the check-in on demand.

Our staff will be warning guests and visitors about the 1.5 meters distance.

We have purchased a ULV fogger and nano silver ion disinfectant “biocidal type 4” approved by the Ministry of Health, to disinfect the surfaces and utensils at the lobby and the rooms. All rooms are being disinfected by ULV fogger after cleaning and also disinfected by an ozone generator for 15 minutes daily.

All the linen of the hotel are washed externally by a well-known company and will received by the hotel, only after disinfected and ventilated. They will be disinfected once again in the linen room by an ozone generator for 15 minutes before carried to the floors.

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